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The Paper Solution® Household Reference Binder - KIT ONLY



Your home doesn’t run itself. We have so many modern conveniences to help us with the day to day maintenance of a home, but what comes along with those modern conveniences? You guessed it–paper!

Manuals, receipts, order forms, repairs–papers like these can back up your Sunday Basket and get lost in your filing cabinet. But when you need them, you NEED them!

The Paper Solution® Household Reference Binder Kit will help you organize these papers and massive manuals into a beautiful, easy-to-reference binder that you’ll actually use.

This is a packet that will be shipped to you containing beautifully designed, full color forms and worksheets along with a set of blue slash pockets to help you record and track your home’s reference information quickly and efficiently.

With your purchase, you will receive:

  • 1 set of blue slash pockets
  • Household Reference Binder inserts including 35 full color information sheets (see below for details)

Each binder includes the following full color information sheets:

  • Frequently Used Service Providers and Contractors – Never hunt for that business card again! Keep all the important information here in a one-page sheet
  • Home Purchase & Improvements – Track all the details about your home and how you’ve improved on it since you moved in. Specifically, you’ll track:
      • Home Purchase/Rental Information
      • Homeowner Association Information
      • Home Improvement Tracker (including paint colors, types of flooring, and dates you maintained your home’s systems)
  • Home Appliances – Keep the details of your important appliances close, so you can make informed decisions about whether to replace or repair when the time comes
  • Home Improvement Wishlist
  • Home Decor and Furniture – Keep track of cleaning instructions, warranties, receipts and purchase information here
  • Exterior and Landscape – A place to store the information about the outside of your home, including:
    • Home Exterior Information
    • Landscaping Information
    • Yard Equipment Inventory

Note: You will also receive via email a .pdf file of the binder contents so that you can print additional copies. If you need to update the information, or just need an additional page for your new refrigerator, simply print another one and pop it into your binder. Please note, editable .pdf files are available for members of The Productive Home Solution™. There are NOT sheet protectors included with this binder. They are shown and referenced in this sample binder only. Business card holders and sheet protectors are sold separately.

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