Don’t just survive the chaos. Eliminate it.

I remember the exact moment when I knew that something had to give.

In 2011, driving home from a long day of teaching, I realized I was failing in every aspect of my life.

My life had the potential to be amazing and meaningful. But since I wasn’t organized, life felt empty, hopeless, and impossible.

Dinner, dishes, laundry, homework, lesson plans... passing out at midnight just to do it all again tomorrow. 

My family desperately needed me to succeed so we could thrive together.

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I knew I wanted more out of life, so I made a conscious decision. I forged a new path.

It felt radical, like a huge leap of faith.

I had to learn new skills and implement new processes. It wasn't easy, but the rewards have been tremendous!
I found time and energy for all the people and things that matter most to me.

Now I teach thousands around the world to do the same.

Organization is a learnable skill!

When and where can we learn the skill of organization?

How do we adapt these skills when life gets in the way? 

The Productive Home Solution

You just need a teacher who believes in you, has a plan to teach you the skills you need, and will cheer you on in the process.

I’ve spent the last ten years perfecting this system so that you can realize your dreams faster

It’s not wishful thinking. You really can conquer the world! 

I believe in you!

I know you can do it.

I have a plan to teach, inspire, and motivate you to achieve a level of organization you only dreamed was a possibility.

Success Stories

    Transform Your Life

    Give me one year. 

    One year to organize your home.

    One year to go from files and piles to a simple, easily maintained paper binder system.

    One year to change your chaotic, reactive life into a purposeful, proactive life where you are in control.

    The Productive Home Solution.

    Reclaim your home. Transform your life.

    All the support you need for your organizational journey:

    Everything you need for your year of transformation...


    • The Productive Home Solution Course - lessons to get you organized in all areas of your home.
    • The Private Productive Home Solution Podcast - guiding you through each week in your transformational year.
    • The Organize 365 Community App  - where you can find the new podcast
    • Registration for Planning Day on May 6th.
    • The opportunity to join the planning day subscription plan which will give you The Productive Home Solution Planning Day workbooks for as long as you are a member.

    It’s time to invest in yourself.
    Get started today so you can thrive in every season!

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