The Paper Solution® Certification Program


Lisa Woodruff is enthusiastic about organizing and believes that organization is a learnable skill.  Back with years of experience as a teacher and Professional Organizer, she has developed The Paper Solution® Certification program with expert knowledge on paper organizing solutions.

In the Organize 365 Podcast, which has over 14 million downloads, Lisa Woodruff is the voice that tells us Done Is Better Than Perfect, Give Yourself Grace, and Progress Over Perfection. She is also the founder of the Professional Organizer Think Tank Facebook Group which encourages the entrepreneur spirit for the professional organizing industry.

Lisa is the author of many books including Organization is A Learnable Skill, How ADHD Affects Home Organization, The Mindset of Organization and The Paper Solution, which was featured in the New York Times.

Organize 365® has conducted research studies to discover how paper and housework affect our lives.  The results of these studies can be found here.

We have developed a consistent process as well as organizational systems that anyone can learn and apply. The Organize 365 Certification Program is designed to equip you to expand your home organizing business to include the solution for All.The.Paper!

We know that as a professional organizer, you may have clients that are stressed, anxious and overwhelmed because of paper and mental piles that are taking over their homes and minds.  We would love to partner with you to relieve the physical and emotional burden that having a lot of paper can cause.


Get Certified in 1, 2, 3:

  • 1.  Register for The Paper Solution® Certification Course

  • 2. Complete the Training Course online and in person

  • 3. Get Certified and Continue to Grow your Business by Offering Paper Solutions! 

                                 What to Shred, What to Save, and How to Stop Paper From Taking Over Your Life


This is for you if you...

  • Want to offer paper solutions
  • Scale your business
  • Provide solutions for active and reference paper
  • Offer paper organizing retreats
  • Offer virtual services
  • Serve clients from anywhere
  • Offer group workshops

The Sunday Basket

The Sunday Basket System the foundational piece to freeing up mental space and help you to stay on top of your to-dos, projects, and ideas by giving your paper a safe place to go.

Paper Organizing Retreats & The Paper Solution 4 Essential Binders

Training is provided for hosting both in person and virtual Paper Organizing Retreats. How to move through the piles of paper and what do with what is left. This training will give you the expertise to offer paper solutions to your clients. 

The Sunday Basket® System 

This system is the foundation to deal with all the countertop paper and the daily to-dos that we all have. The Sunday Basket will free up your clients' mental energy and physical space.

The Sunday Basket will give you back 5 extra hours each week! What will you do with those bonus hours? When you are organized, you can inspire the world with your unique, God-given talent!

As a Certified Organizer, you have the opportunity to change peoples' lives by teaching them how to create an easy-to-follow system into their weekly routines. For more information about the Sunday Basket System, watch the Sunday Basket Masterclass.

The Paper Solution® 4 Essential Binders

The Paper Solution 4 Essential Binders is the answer to "what do I do with all the rest of the paper"?  The Paper Solution teaches what to do with reference, archive, and sentimental papers.  

The Paper Solution Certification has as its core, Paper Organizing Retreats.  These retreats are designed to walk your clients through what to keep, what to delete, and how to store all the papers.  We focus on ditching the filing cabinet!  Yes, do you realize that filing cabinets can hold papers that we never look at.

How do we do this?  We focus on keeping only what is needed and use the Organize 365 Binder System.  This system consists of The Paper Solution 4 Essential Binders: Medical, Financial, Home Operations, and Home Reference.

We would love to partner with you to enhance your current professional organization or other service-based business offerings, The Paper Solution Certification will give you the expertise to offer paper solutions to your clients. This will give you the complete system to do just that.

The Paper Solution® Certification Course  includes the following:


  • Virtual live training 
  • Online training library
  • Set up your Sunday Basket & The Paper Solution Binders
  • Attend a live in-person Paper Organizing Retreat

The Paper Solution Course includes the following products

  • Physical Products (over $700 worth of physical products)
  • Certification Workbooks
  • Complete Sunday Basket
  • The Paper Solution 4 Essential Binders
  • Organize 365 Warrior MAMA Binder
  • A signed copy of The Paper Solution prerelease book


  •  Successful completion of The Paper Solution Certification Training Course
  • Admission to a three-day training which includes a two-day Paper Organizing Retreat (Note: food and lodging not included)
  • Training Evaluation & Interview
  • Pay the licensing fee ($475)

The Paper Solution Licensing includes the Course Investment along with the following

  • Access to The Paper Solution Certification Community 
  • Ongoing training
  • Listing on the Organize 365 Directory
  • 30% commission on Paper Solution eligible Organize 365 products



The Paper Solution Certification Fee: $2500

Annual Licensing Fee: $475

We can't wait for you to join us!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the course requirements?

Complete the online and in-person training, set up your Sunday Basket and Binders, attend a live training and Paper Organizing Retreat.

How much does the course cost and how does payment work?

The Paper Solution Certification Course is $2500 and the annual certification fee is $475. 

Is there an additional fee after purchasing The Paper Solution® Certification Course?

Yes.  After you finish the course, you will need to pay the annual licensing fee of $475 to maintain The Paper Solution Certification. 

What kind of support is there after I become certified?

Organize 365 Community has the Certified Organizer group for ongoing support from the Certification Team and peers. There will also be monthly co-working sessions and quarterly update meetings.

How long is The Paper Solution® Certification active?

The Paper Solution Certification is good for one year.  The Paper Solution licensing fee of $475 will be automatically charged to your method of payment each year to maintain your certification and license. This will also keep your listing in the Organize 365 Organizer Directory active.  

What can I do with this certification?

The Paper Solution Certification give you the license to teach the Sunday Basket, host Paper Organizing Retreats, teach Binder Workshops, and provide 1-1 and group coaching using the Organize 365 products and programs.

What happens after I attend the course? Am I certified immediately?

After you have successfully completed the course, you will you will interview with a member of our Certification Team. Once the onboarding interview is complete, you will receive a contract, trademark and marketing guidelines, and an invoice for the Paper Solution licensing fee of $475.

Can I teach workshops and retreats online?

Yes, Certified Organizers may host live, online workshops (not recorded) for your audience.

How soon can I begin working with clients?

You may begin working with clients as soon as you complete your certification training, signed your contract, and pay your annual certification fee.  

Will Lisa Woodruff teach these courses?

Due to the increasing demand for her time, the course will be led by Organize 365. All materials, curriculum, and teaching has been created by Lisa Woodruff with collaboration from her team. Lisa will be available for a portion of the in-person training events.

Is there a commission program?

Yes, Paper Solution Certified Organizers receive 30% commission on Paper Solution eligible products in the Organize 365 store.

What is your cancellation or refund policy?

You will have immediate access to the entire course so there will be no refunds.