The Evolution of Lisa's Desk

by Lisa Woodruff

Oct 4, 2019 | Episode 303 | 40:20

For today’s podcast, I want to bring you a new way of looking at personal growth. I believe strongly in helping all women find what they are uniquely created to do. I am not about pursuing a vision of perfection, but I DO want you to look at your habits, decisions, and goals. I want you to get your home and paper organized so you have the capacity to pursue your own unique purpose.

This podcast looks at the evolution of my desk and office as a way to share how I have experienced growth and change in my own life. I have had many different roles as a woman, and the different desks that I have used as I run the business of Organize 365 have changed with me. 

I share the practical and tactical decisions and changes I have made in my desks as my life has changed. As a business woman, I think sharing the real story of how I have grown this business can be helpful to you as you face changes in your own life. Listen in as I share where I have been, where I am going, and how YOU can take the next steps to change your own life.

Just for fun, if you want to see a VERY OLD post and pictures about how my desk has grown and changed, you can find it here

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