Space Planning for Pandemic Living

by Lisa Woodruff

Jul 17, 2020 | Episode 344 | 27:44

Brace yourself – I want you to think about your house in way unlike you have ever thought about your house before. I want to challenge all of us to change from how we think we should live in our homes, and embrace how we are actually living in our homes. I am hoping we will not be forced to stay safe at home again, but I want us to be prepared.

As women, we often feel like when people come into our homes that we are being judged and graded. Most women I have spoken with have felt this way at some point in their lives. We take pride in having a clean and hospitable home, but we are often short in time and money to make that a reality. But, we don’t judge our friends and loved ones when we join them in their homes. We focus on spending time with others, not checking their shelves with a white glove.

I want to help you make some mindset shifts for living in this pandemic. I recently heard that thinking about the past causes depression and thinking about the future causes anxiety. Staying in the present can often bring us peace. I want you think about this question – “What’s the worst thing that can happen?” and I talk you through some of those thoughts.

Walk through your house with index cards or a note pad. Stop in each zone and make notes about what worked and what did not. I share with you some of the thinking I did about my own house and family. For example, everyone in the home needs a place to work, alone space, passion projects, and adequate technology. I also share some changes you can consider making to the spaces in your home. You can make new rules. You can change how you are using your spaces. #permissiongranted I’d love to hear from you in our Facebook community if you are using spaces in new or unusual ways.


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