Organizing A Girls Teen Bedroom

by Lisa Woodruff

Jul 1, 2016 | Episode 107 | 32:55

This week on the podcast, I am talking about the transition from your childhood bedroom to your first adult space (usually between the ages of 16 to about 25). Many young women move from their parents' home to college or a shared apartment during this time of life. The transition from being at "home" to being on your own generally takes three to seven years as  you transition from childhood to the accumulation phase.

In this podcast, I share my own transitions during this time as I moved from being at my parents' home to being married and owning a house. For me, there were multiple moves and multiple places I lived as I went through those life stages. During this early adulthood, it can be incredibly frustrating because many of the places you live are very small or shared, and often your things end up in multiple locations. You may physically be living in a dorm room, but many of things you want to save for the future (pictures, childhood memorabilia, off season clothing, furniture) are still in your parents' home.

As I teach you to organize and live in your mini-apartment when you are a child, I am teaching you the skills of taking care of zones that will later become whole rooms in a larger house. As you leave your childhood home, you are also responsible for a larger space, decorating your dwelling, figuring out your style, and equipping your home. You may need to purchase furniture, kitchenware, lawn mowers, hammers, paint, and even garbage cans. It is exciting, but it is also an expensive transition.

Follow the same steps we have been using to clean your room to take care of your larger new home: trash, food and dishes, clothing, then clear your surfaces, make a grocery list, and so on. It will take longer to do these same chores than it did just a bedroom, but the same habits will help you to maintain your whole house. Sticking to this kind of routine will mean you can get your whole house clean in 3 hours or less - if you stick to the routine and complete these responsibilities every week. As your family grows, it may take more time to take care of the home for more people, but you will have already learned the skills of cleaning and organizing.

In this podcast, I also talk about some of those childhood memories. Moms (and Dads) can be really sentimental and end up keeping things from when their children were little. As you look towards moving out to your own home, I want you to think about what things from your childhood bedroom are still special to you that you want to keep until you are as old as your mom is now. Do you remember what things have been stored away in spaces like the attic, basement, or a storage room? Once you are in high school or older, I want you to consider spending time with your mom (or dad) and go through some of those things your parents have saved for you. You will get the chance to share some great memories. You will also find some things that your parents saved that are their memories, not yours - and you can donate those things.

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