The Organize 365® Values

by Lisa Woodruff

Oct 15, 2021 | Episode 450 | 26:23

Four years ago, on a plane from Los Angeles to New York, I wrote out the Organize 365® mission, vision, and values. Today, we are a much larger team making a bigger impact in the world, but our values have stayed true. 

What is truly amazing is that these five values are not just held by the Dream Team, but these are the values that the Organize 365 community has as well. When we focus on these values, we arrive at the “after” feel of organization and productivity I shared with you last week. (Don’t forget to tag us in your after photos of what you are doing now that you have increased your capacity by getting organized!)

Organize 365® guides you along a transformational journey that organizes both your heart and your mind. Our values are:

Let me know what value you think is the strongest for you and how you are seeing it in your transformational journey!

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