New Book & July Book Tour Details

by Lisa Woodruff

May 21, 2021 | Episode 408 | 33:28

You guys, it’s finally here! My newest book - Organization is a Learnable Skill is available for pre-order today on Amazon. It officially publishes on June 25, 2021. Listen in to hear about purchase and pre-order bonuses!

Unlike my previously actionable and tactical books, this book is my story. This is my personal memoir. I share my raw and unfiltered thoughts and I take you along on my transformational journey as I transitioned from a reactive person who moved with the ebbs and flows of life to the proactive person I am today. I share the mindsets and emotional challenges that I experienced during the year that I reclaimed my home.

In order to celebrate this book launch, I am hosting a self-planned and self-funded book tour. As I mentioned recently, I’m becoming a grandma in September. In order to accommodate this blessing, the book tour has been condensed from 40 cities down to 12. All of the details can be found at (please note tickets MUST be purchased in advance and are limited). 

I could not have attempted this book tour without the support of the Sunday Basket® Workshop Certified Workshop Organizers. Each city has a designated Certified Organizer who will coordinate volunteers and run the event. Our certification has been closed for 18 months, but it reopens today. If you want to be a more active part of the Organize 365 community, you’ll want to sign up. You can learn more at

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