Take Control of Your Thoughts

by Lisa Woodruff

Dec 4, 2020 | Episode 364 | 25:08

Today, I want to talk with you about metacognition (thinking about your thinking) and how that helps you to take control of your thoughts. It really is a cognitive choice to see the positive in every situation. 

I start by sharing a letter from a member of the Organize 365 community who is struggling with her negative thoughts about the could have, should have, and would have things that she missed out on before having a functioning Sunday Basket®. From the many of you who have reached out, I know she is not alone in struggling with giving herself grace and celebrating progress (not demanding perfection).

In the podcast, I will share with you some experiences in my own home and family that could definitely have been seen through a negative light. However, I share with you how I practice thinking about the good even in these challenges and sometimes even disappointing events. I am giving you concrete examples of how I choose to see the positive side of whatever life brings my way. Shifting your mindset in this way requires practice and you will not always get it right. I even share how I had some (brief) tantrums when things did not go as planned, but how I was able to practice taking control of my thoughts and reframing what was happening in my life. 

I want to help you learn to become a more positive, proactive person. I want you to move towards the future you dream of for yourself and your family. The future that you will have will be the result of your design. Adjust your mindset so you can see what you want for your own future, and then we will work together to transform your life and make it happen.


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