Capability + Confidence = Action; 2020 is YOUR year!

by Lisa Woodruff

Dec 27, 2019 | Episode 315 | 25:56

Capability + Confidence = Action; 2020 is YOUR year! Let's get started. Today on the podcast, I want to help you with the skills it takes to change your thinking. In the eight years of Organize 365, I have learned so much about the MINDSET of organization. The transformation from disorganization to organization happens first in your mind. The way you actually become organized is to change your thoughts. 

First, you have to believe you are capable of becoming organized. Spoiler: organization is a learnable skill, and anyone can learn to become organized (it just takes longer for some of us!). Every single person listening to this podcast is capable of having an organized life. But, the skills needed can be different depending on your phase of life and generation. I want you to have new thoughts and see just how capable of being organized you truly are. 

Second, you need confidence in your skills and your organizational journey. This podcast is designed to give you confidence each and every week. I am a motivational teacher, I want to inspire you to action. From listening to the podcast, your thoughts become organized and your physical reality follows - you will see the changes in your home and that will build your confidence.

Finally - action is the outcome. Once you have the capability and confidence to pursue organization, you will take the action necessary to manifest an organized life. In the podcast today, I explain all of this in more detail, and then give you several examples of how you develop capability and grow your confidence and move into action in all different kinds of life experiences (Capability + Confidence = Action).

I hope this podcast continues to provide the instruction you need to keep moving along your transformational journey. 

PS - Are you ready to take the first step? Everyone needs to start with the Sunday Basket ®. That will give you the foundation you need to manage your most basic organization needs and starts your mind on learning the skills of being organized. 

If you have your Sunday Basket ® system in place (and you are using it!), join us for the next round of the 100 Day Home Organization Program. We begin again on Monday January 6th. It’s not too late and we’d love to have you join us in this lifetime membership program!




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