4 Steps to Organizing BIG Projects for Productivity - Part 2

by Lisa Woodruff

Apr 10, 2020 | Episode 330 | 29:57

For the April podcast episodes, I want to share with you 4 Steps to Organizing BIG Projects for productivity or working towards a big goal. Full disclosure, I generally record podcasts 6-8 weeks in advance. I recorded these in February and March, and I used the examples I was planning at the time. Today, the world looks very different, and many of my examples are not things we can do right now. I know many of these kinds of big projects, celebrations, and plans are all up in the air right now. We are all missing out on direct physical connection to keep our communities safe.

I made the decision to air these episodes anyway, because how you plan a big project did not change. How we are living right now has changed dramatically. But, the principles of organizing never change. You can still learn the skill of organizing. It takes learning and skill to develop organization and productivity. 

I am sharing my system for completing big projects. I break it down into smaller steps, and I am going to teach you these skills so you can follow along, and maybe even plan a project of your own. I am trying to provide as much encouragement, motivation, perspective, and love as possible during this time of uncertainty. We are in this together!

After you have been doing your Sunday Basket® for 6-8 weeks, you will find you have 2.0 slash pockets with projects that still need your attention. Today on the podcast, I want to share with you how to move beyond your Sunday Basket® to dos and weekly focus to actually completing big projects. I want to show you 4 Steps to Organizing BIG Projects, how I create bigger goals and accomplish bigger projects. I do this by using a consistent system for approaching my big projects and I want to teach you how to apply these same skills. 

For this podcast series, I am talking about three different example projects: a large party or celebration, summer planning for kids, and moving to a new home. This system is for a project that requires more than a single weekend to complete. Much of the time, you will collect ideas and papers for your project in a 2.0 slash pocket. When you are committed to taking action and completing the project, you will follow the steps in the podcasts.

Listen to Step 1 here.

Step 2 - Chunk Tasks and Create Slash Pockets

Separate tasks into different topics, piles, and groups. Use slash pockets to hold different parts of the project together. For big projects like this, I do not worry about color coding, I just use what I have available. In order to help, I’m including a few typical slash pocket ideas for the different projects. I am giving you 5 slash pocket ideas, but use as many as makes sense for your project.

Party Planning

Summer Planning


Invite/Guest List


Old House 

House Prep

Kid #1

New House


Kid #2


Party Items/Decorations

All Kids Together (shared camps)

Moving Checklists

Memory/Photo Project

Family Activities

Mortgage Paperwork

Reminder: ***For more assistance, ALL ACCESS members can consult the Household Operations Binder for summer and party planning and the 10 Steps to an Organized Move (Dashboard) for moving.***


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