Welcome to Organize 365® - I'm so glad you're here!

I am thoroughly interested by the way the mind works. It is my desire that by engaging with the resources below, and across the Organize 365® website, you too will understand how the ADHD mind can learn to be organized.

I understand the anguish and shame that you may experience if disorganization is overwhelming your life. Even though I don't struggle with ADHD myself, I am a wife, a mom, and a professional organizer. Which means that I have successfully parented, taught, and professionally organized those who do.

And that is why I am so thankful that you are here. You are ready to take action and increase your executive functions, and I am honored to be your guide.

I did a three part webinar series with ADHD Online over the summer - these are available on demand:

Learn How to Organize Your Home Part 1

Learn How to Organize Your Home Part 2

Learn How to Organize Your Home Part 3

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How ADHD Affects Home Organization

If you have ADHD and you've been struggling with organization, it doesn't mean there's something wrong with you. 

Do any of these organizing challenges feel familiar to you?

Do you walk in a room to organize and find yourself paralyzed and overwhelmed?

Do you find yourself spending money on organizing solutions that don't work?

Do you feel like you put in effort but never make any progress?

Or maybe you know exactly what you want to do, and yet for some reason, you just can't get started.


It just means it's time to try working with your brain instead of against it.

In How ADHD Affects Home Organization, professional organizer, motivational speaker, and teacher of the learnable skills of organization, Lisa Woodruff will help you to:

* Understand how your mind works

* Recognize your unique strengths and weaknesses

* Find the strategies that work for you

The Sunday Basket® System

Organizing is a skill, not a personality trait. That means you can learn to organize! The Sunday Basket® is all about functionality and practicality. We’re not looking for “Pinterest perfect.” We're implementing a system that works for you.

With the Sunday Basket® you will:

  • Gather incoming paperwork into one spot.
    • Stop frantically searching for the document you need!
  • Establish a dedicated routine for processing paper.
    • Streamline your life, reduce your mental load, save 5 hours per week!
  • Plan your week in advance.
    • Maximize productivity and efficiency without forgetting anything!
  • Learn vital skills you can apply to all areas of life.
    • Being organized will save you time, energy, and money!

The Productive Home Solution™

Give me one year. 

One year to organize your home.

One year to go from files and piles to a simple, easily maintained paper binder system.

One year to change your chaotic, reactive life into a purposeful, proactive life where you are in control.

The Productive Home Solution™ includes everything you need for your year of transformation:

  • The 100 Day Home Organization Program - 100 daily lessons to guide you through organizing your entire home 3 times a year.
  • The From Hot Mess to Organized Storage Course - 28 lessons designed to get your storage space organized once and for all!
  • The From Hot Mess to Organized Storage ebook - where to sell, donate and recycle #everything.
  • The NEW Private Productive Home Solution Podcast - guiding you through each week in your transformational year starting 12/5
  • The NEW Organize 365 Community App  - where you can find the new podcast - and support from Tanya. 
  • Ditch the file cabinet with the 4 Essential Household Binders: Medical, Financial, Household Reference, Household Operations, including editable PDFs of each binder
  • Registration for Planning Day on May 7th. (Live or the replay good until July 5)
  • The opportunity to join the planning day subscription plan which will give you the 100 Day Home Organization Program planners for each session you remain a member.
  • The Saving Your Story Photo Organization Program has everything you need to organize physical photos and paper memorabilia.

Kids Program

I want your kid(s) to feel empowered - to feel like they have the skills and tools to keep their home life and school life organized. I want you to feel confident knowing you are raising kids who will one day be responsible, independent adults. This program is designed to give your kids the SKILLS they need to get and stay organized.

This course will walk your kids through all sorts of skills they need for organizing their backpacks, their bedrooms, and their clothes! And you know me. I am a teacher. All of these skills are taught simply, clearly, and in my step-by-step Lisa way. 🙂

Your kids will learn how to clean their room, plan their week, keep their activity bags and homework in order and even learn how to organize their toys, hobbies and special memories.

The Kids Program consists of a compilation of 6 separate courses:

  • For the Parents - Everything YOU want to know about how to TEACH organizing.
  • LITTLES - Organizing Kids ages 0-5.
  • LEARN - 20 step-by-step lessons designed to do a big clean out and reset your kids room - ages 6-17.
  • LAUNCH - 5 step-by-step lessons to help young adults prepare to transition from living at home as a kid, to being an independent adult - ages 16-25.
  • SATURDAY - Weekly videos, printables & steps to clean & organize your room.
  • SUNDAY - Weekly videos, printables & steps to plan your week.

The Organize 365® Kids Program is a 100% digital course with lessons, videos, and printables. It is divided by age range and covers everything from how to make their bed to how to organize their school paperwork - from how to declutter their toys to how to use a printable to plan their week. There are even check marks to mark the lessons “complete” as they go through the program so your children can see their progress.